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A Window Transforming Into A Balcony

Bloomframe® is a window frame that changes into a balcony with the push of a button. In dense urban areas where lack of space is reality, this dynamic facade element provides the opportunity to give apartments some extra outside space. The Bloomframe® can be used for renovation projects as well as in new construction, without major engineering work. The balcony is based on the aluminium window and door system of Kawneer. The dimensions, the material and the color scheme of the Bloomframe® balcony are flexible. The balcony is very solid and strong, but still looks elegant and transparent.

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The revolutionary balcony was designed and patented by Hofman Dujardin Architects in Amsterdam. In conjunction with Hurks Geveltechniek, Kawneer developed the Bloomframe® into a technical product design. Naturally, the safety of the product during development is primary and the balcony has been tested extensively according to current construction safety standards.

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Specific characteristics:
• Bloomframe® is made of aluminium, glass and panels.
• Applicable in renovation and new construction projects, without major engineering work.
• Flexible sizing, material and color.
• Maximum bearing weight of the Bloomframe®, approximately 350 kg per m²
• Maximum dimension: 3000 cm long x 2400 cm high.

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