Augmented Reality Catalogue by IKEA

Maybe you’ve already met, but we would like you to meet with brand new marketing strategy of the IKEA. Globally known Swedish furniture genius is now a bit closer to you via their 2014 catalogue with its augmented reality function that can be applied to your smart phones and tablets…

The new 2014 augmented reality catalogue allows you to see what products will look like in your house or work space. All you have to do is to download the application that has been coded for iOS or Android, and then put the IKEA catalogue on the desired position of the product as a marker. Select the product and your new furniture will appear right at the spot! Brilliant!

The application for the new 2014 augmented reality catalogue features around 90 products, including bookcases, desks, sofas, beds and chairs. Hope you will have the chance to try it as soon as possible!

Good day!

AOL_IKEA_Augmented_Catalogue_07 AOL_IKEA_Augmented_Catalogue_06 AOL_IKEA_Augmented_Catalogue_05 AOL_IKEA_Augmented_Catalogue_04 AOL_IKEA_Augmented_Catalogue_03 AOL_IKEA_Augmented_Catalogue_01

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One thought on “Augmented Reality Catalogue by IKEA

  1. Hannah

    This could prove to be a great feature for interior designers as well as the common home owner utilisation. Moreover, if this proves to be a successful development for IKEA – I think bespoke apps could be developed to further assist Architectures as well as Interior Designers.


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