CT Law Office by Salon Architects

Salon Architects created an unbiased and powerful work with the CT Law Office which is located in traditional, orthogonal buildings in Istanbul.

Team prefers to touch the intristic values by creating contrast between cold and warm materials.

CTHB Law Office Interiors from Salon Architects on Vimeo.

Project: CT Law Office
Date: March 2013 | Istanbul | TR

Design: Alper Derinboğaz & Melike Altinisik
Project Team : Samim Magriso, Gül Ertekin, Ayda Agaoglu.
Photography: Büşra Yeltekin
Video: Volkan Cagalı, Ahmet Budak and Ferdi Alıcı

aol-CTHB-law-office-salon-architects-08 aol-CTHB-law-office-salon-architects-07 aol-CTHB-law-office-salon-architects-06 aol-CTHB-law-office-salon-architects-04 aol-CTHB-law-office-salon-architects-03 aol-CTHB-law-office-salon-architects-02 aol-CTHB-law-office-salon-architects-01

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