Freekey, Press to Open

Just like a perfect example for the famous phrase which was adopted by the German-American architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as a precept for minimalist design, every single one of these Freekeys is less, but more!

Broken nails and lost nerves! Wasting time and countless attempts all over the world. As the designer of the eternal solution of this problematic issue, Erik von Schoultz, to release a key from a keychain can be a frustrating and painful experience. Till now.

“Freekey is designed with a patented wave in the middle of two turns of stainless steel flat wire. By pressing at logo position, the end part will open to release or add the key or set of keys appointed.”
Simple as that…
Many many thanks to the Drosselmeyer Design Group!

AOL_Freekey_07 AOL_Freekey_06 AOL_Freekey_05 AOL_Freekey_04 AOL_Freekey_03 AOL_Freekey_02 AOL_Freekey_01


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