“Garden Sky” This Is The Landscape!

In Mount Rocco, in Japan, the way to view the natural beauty is to sit your armchair and enjoy the landscape…


“Garden SKy” by Hidemi Nishida Studio is the part of the annual art festival “Rocco Meets Art 2013”.

aol-hidemi-nishida-studio-garden-sky-09 aol-hidemi-nishida-studio-garden-sky-07 aol-hidemi-nishida-studio-garden-sky-06 aol-hidemi-nishida-studio-garden-sky-05 aol-hidemi-nishida-studio-garden-sky-04 aol-hidemi-nishida-studio-garden-sky-03 aol-hidemi-nishida-studio-garden-sky-02 aol-hidemi-nishida-studio-garden-sky-0


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