+green; Organic Restaurant by Sinato

A restaurant which is only a short walk from Komazawa Olympic Park, one of the largest parks in Tokyo.


The restaurant has three basic functions: a takeout bistro, an organic food shop and a restaurant. The most distinctive feature of the premises lies in its floor level and light is allowed to come in through the upper facade


Each function has three floors, so it is possible to move up and down. The white wall at the upper space  of the volume allowing different experiences and creating curiosity  conceals the piping and air conditioning system. The wall frames the stairs.


+green worths seeing because it is beyond design, independent from borders even because of its name.

aol-sinato-green-organic-restaurant-05 aol-sinato-green-organic-restaurant-04 aol-sinato-green-organic-restaurant-03 aol-sinato-green-organic-restaurant-02

Images: Toshiyuki Yano

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