Hemloft: an egg shaped weekend cabin…

An IT worker and carpenter Joel Allen had decided to live in a universal childhood dream. After finding friends of two fresh new architects, Allen started to build this giant wooden egg.
After spending couple of months, searching for the right spot to build, he and his 2 other team members have decided to build it in the woods around Whistler, British Columbia in Canada.

Naming the Project “Hemloft”, after using it as a weekend cabin for three years, Allen has decided to share the beautiful design of Hemloft with the rest of the World. But here is the trick; Hemloft is built on a crown land (so, technically he does not own the property) and there is a very possible risk of Hemloft to be torned down by the officials. Yet, nobody have found it and it remains hidden safely in the forrest…

Photographs: Kelly Graham

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