Inside Home, Nature Inside Me

A minimalist house designed by Spado Architects nestled into the steep slope that runs from south to north down to the lake: Lakeside House.


It is so aligned with the nature that the three 3 all-glass residential storeys with the kitchen, receiving the energizing morning sun, enthroned at their centre make you feel the püre and deep emotion of the lake like the command bridge of a ship.


Besides the features of the houses touching the senses, the image of the house is the striking result of an attentive work. Like the facade which is covered with opaque white glass panels, contrasting in places with high-gloss black glass elements. Although facades may appear unfavourable at first glance, in summer, their advantages become obvious. There’s no need to install any shades and they never get over-heated. In this context, north-facing walls are ideal when you have all-glass facades. And the lake is over there with its purity, serenity and silence!


Project Name: Lakeside House

Architect: Spado Architects

Location: Carinthia, Avusturya

Photography: Kurt Kuball


aol-spado-architects-lakeside-house-05 aol-spado-architects-lakeside-house-06 aol-spado-architects-lakeside-house-07 aol-spado-architects-lakeside-house-08 aol-spado-architects-lakeside-house-09 aol-spado-architects-lakeside-house-10 aol-spado-architects-lakeside-house-12


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