Inside the Orchestra

After the printing campaign of Berlin Philharmonic orchestra became the current issue, the concept designers of this very special work, Mona Sibai and Björn Ewers developed it together in an unusual way. Maybe, they were aware of an obvious fact that sometimes one of the key elements of designing is to change our view to elsewhere…


With macro photographs taken from the insides of the narrow spaces of some orchestral instruments, the agency, Scholz & Friends Berlin has done a marvelous work for their client. Thanks to the magical work of the photo collective, Mierswa-Kluska, a violin, cello, flute, and a pipe organ is now appear vast and spacious! The project has art directed by photographer Bjoern Ewers and copywrited by Mona Sibai.

AOL_Inside_the_Orchestra_01 AOL_Inside_the_Orchestra_02 AOL_Inside_the_Orchestra_03 AOL_Inside_the_Orchestra_05

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