Interesting Christmas Trees

Chrsitmas tree decorating is one of our hobbies. What if the trees that we decorate with colourful lamps, tiny gift boxes, brigth balls and bibelots change and be more different…What if we use stones,  jars, papers, pillows or bottles?  Let’s try different examples that you have never done before and amaze the guests this year.

aol-interesting-christmas-trees-01 aol-interesting-christmas-trees-02 aol-interesting-christmas-trees-03 aol-interesting-christmas-trees-04 aol-interesting-christmas-trees-06 aol-interesting-christmas-trees-07 aol-interesting-christmas-trees-08 aol-interesting-christmas-trees-09 aol-interesting-christmas-trees-10 aol-interesting-christmas-trees-11 aol-interesting-christmas-trees-12 aol-interesting-christmas-trees-13



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