Interesting, Crazy and Labarious!

SEAM is the lighting range designed by German designer 


The ranges, which are created by the rotation mould machine by the designer herself, are the result of the experiments of working for months 


First the mould is screwed together and attached to the centre of the machine. Then, it’s filled with the first polymer plastic mixture. Powered by an electric motor, the machine rotates in three directions so the liquid covers perfectly the inside of the mould.


After drying, another coloured layer of mixture is added to the inside of the mould and the rotation process is repeated.


After final drying, the mould is discarded. It leaves the light range with a smooth outer surface making the seam of the mould visible.


The bottom of the lamp is cut off and sanded in order to reveal the irregularities of the casting process on the inside. The unit creates an elegant ambiance with its simplicity. 





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