KANO DIY Computer Kit

Do you remember one of our previous tech articles about The Raspberry Pi?  As we’ve foreseen, there are some breaking news about a collaboration of the foundation and the creative studio of the London-based designer Barber Osgerby.

Still seeking for fund on Kickstarter, the project of the MAP Project Office is called ‘KANO’ which is a DIY computer kit using a Raspberry Pi. As a resemblance to the goal of the Raspberry Pi, KANO wants to help users of all ages to have a personal computer of their own also with a building experience. The packaging was designed neat and helpful. You can subconsciously build your own colorful PC even not to take a single look to the instruction manual… Beautiful.
We will be in touch. Have a nice day!

For more:

AOL_Kano_Raspberry_Pi_02 AOL_Kano_Raspberry_Pi_03 AOL_Kano_Raspberry_Pi_01 AOL_Kano_Raspberry_Pi_04

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