Let Swoon Transform Your Bathroom Into Your Favourite Room

Swoon, which is a furniture company with a long experience creates custom furniture in order to make your bathroom perfect! The founder and CEO, the designer and the furniture factories have been working together over 15 years with bathrooms in Scandinavia. Swoon works for us to make it easier to buy customized furniture with smart storage solutions for the bathrooms. The working principle of the company is like this: They sell the furniture online with delivery directly to the customer’s home.


Swoon has launched a new concept in bathroom design. Furniture series designed by Fredrik Wallner create new possibilities to customize the bathroom interior. You are able to combine colours, knobs, handles, legs and even taps directly in the Digital Showroom, then press “enter” and get custom made furnishings delivered directly to your door step. Lars Tobiasson, founder and CEO of Swoons says “- We wanted to do something completely new. I’ve worked a long time with bathrooms and know that many people are a little tired of standard solutions. With Swoon everyone can create a personal style in the bathroom, just like in the rest of the home. We want to transform the bathroom into your favourite room!”


We highly recommend to visit the Dijital Showroom of Swoon in order to select the pieces of furniture and select them, so you are able to create the bathroom in your dreams. Select the colour, the knobs, handles, legs, mirrors and see the total cost! It is a very enjoyable application and very helpful for those who wantto renew their bathroom. You can also see how long it will take to be produced.

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