Let’s Prepare Gift Packages For Christmas

We have started to think the gift choices for the people we love; our family, our friends, our loved ones in order to maket hem feel that they are important for us. What can we do to make our gifts more valuable with special gift packages?

You will look forward to trying these sweet and “easy to made”packages.

You can maket his package by using four circle cardboards of same size:

aol-gift-packages-01 aol-gift-packages-02 aol-gift-packages-03 aol-gift-packages-04



This sweet one can be made by using two colourful cardboards and the size of the box depends on you:

aol-gift-packages-05 aol-gift-packages-06 aol-gift-packages-07 aol-gift-packages-08 aol-gift-packages-09 aol-gift-packages-10 aol-gift-packages-11 aol-gift-packages-12 aol-gift-packages-13 aol-gift-packages-14 aol-gift-packages-16 aol-gift-packages-17 aol-gift-packages-18 aol-gift-packages-19 aol-gift-packages-20 aol-gift-packages-21 aol-gift-packages-22


Pyramid gift box:

aol-gift-packages-23 aol-gift-packages-24 aol-gift-packages-25 aol-gift-packages-26 aol-gift-packages-27 aol-gift-packages-28 aol-gift-packages-29



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