Mayfair House;Striking Design

Squire and Partners have completed a private house in Mayfair, London, featuring a striking bespoke leaf facade which mirrors an established Virginia Creeper on a facing building on Curzon Street


The contemporary interpretation of leaves are crafted as a metallic shingle, which cover a three storey elevation and rooftop pavilion.  The PPC coated folded aluminium leaves – 4,080 in total – subtly vary in tones of bronze to mimic organic growth patterns.  The concept was designed over a three year period of research and development working closely with Swiss manufacturer Tuchschmid.

aol-squire-and-partners-mayfair-house-03 aol-squire-and-partners-mayfair-house-04

Westminster Planning Committee described the proposal as ‘striking’ and ‘raising the bar for design within the borough’

aol-squire-and-partners-mayfair-house-05 aol-squire-and-partners-mayfair-house-06


aol-squire-and-partners-mayfair-house-07 aol-squire-and-partners-mayfair-house-08 aol-squire-and-partners-mayfair-house-09 aol-squire-and-partners-mayfair-house-10 aol-squire-and-partners-mayfair-house-11 aol-squire-and-partners-mayfair-house-12 aol-squire-and-partners-mayfair-house-13

Images © Gareth Gardner
Design: Squire and Partners
İnterior Design: Bill Bennette

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