Naturally Light and Ventilated Bathroom

We want tos hare a bathroom Wall designed by Kubo Tsushima Architects in order to get daylight and natural wind through the bathroom. In order to create this, the bathroom wall was curved up.

From street level, the bathhouse appears to follow a traditional form complete with a gabled roof. But on the inside, a floor constructed from Japanese cedar curves up to create a wall that separates a bathroom and a designated rest space.


Natural wind from the bathroom window rises when heated by the spring water, and goes out from the roof window.

Bath-House-Maruhon-by-Kubo-Tsushima-Architects_AOL-1 Bath-House-Maruhon-by-Kubo-Tsushima-Architects_AOL-3 Bath-House-Maruhon-by-Kubo-Tsushima-Architects_AOL-4 Bath-House-Maruhon-by-Kubo-Tsushima-Architects_AOL

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