ODESD2 New Objects

Ukrainian Brand ODESD2, whose designs we introduced before, has presented latest objects. In our article Glamorous Designs By ODESD2, we presented the Q1, Q1 Black ve V1 Chair designs; now we are happy to show you the V2, V3 Sofas and K5 Table designs.


The V1 chair appeared in 2014 in a model range of the ODESD2. It became popular in specialized media really fast.“The chair feels like ”a personal bubble”, a recluse from the external world” – Florida Review Magazine“Introvert’s chair”, “Shelter” and “Lair of the misanthrope” – it’s only a few comparisons from journalists. Chair has become one of the flagship models. We expanded the series and created V2 and V3 sofas. Double and triple sofas keep the style of the V series and protect the from the outside hustle and bustle with a high backrest. But now you can hide from the whole world with a small company.



K5 is a big and comfortable table in scandinavian style. Oak legs are triangular in cross section and make an obtuse angle to the toptable, which makes the model more stable and visually interesting. Toptable leans against a crosspiece, which reminds us lines of 1970s cars. This table is a perfect complement to K1 Chair and all items in K series.



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