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Office Desk With Wireless Phone Charger; Katedra

Katedra office desk designed by Desnahemisfera for Donar d.o.o. is a triumph of contrast; a large white surface leans onto a solid wood block that mimics stacked beams. The block has three push-to-open drawers and the desk itself is made out of Kerrock, which is fully recyclable.

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Its large working surface has a built in wireless phone charger AirCharge, so your phone will never run out of juice while you are working.

The charger is connected to the LED-charging indicator, which is flashing white when in stand-by mode and turns red when you place your phone on it. When the phone is fully charged it turns green.

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Katedra desk is therefore a technologically advanced piece of office furniture with high aesthetic value that joins natural elements and technology and will definitely be a centerpiece of any modern office or co-working space.

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