Paper Art by Vincent Tomczyk

AOL_Paper_Art_Vincent_Tomczyk_01 AOL_Paper_Art_Vincent_Tomczyk_02 AOL_Paper_Art_Vincent_Tomczyk_03 AOL_Paper_Art_Vincent_Tomczyk_04 AOL_Paper_Art_Vincent_Tomczyk_05 AOL_Paper_Art_Vincent_Tomczyk_06 AOL_Paper_Art_Vincent_Tomczyk_07

No, as you did read on the title, they were not just a bunch of daily stuff… They are made almost 100% with paper by Los Angeles-based artist Vincent Tomczyk.

Working primarily with paper, as he stated on his website, his art requires him to be part craftsman and part engineer. He also believes in that these compositions represent biographies of people, experiences and interpretations of intangible ideas.


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