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Singing Banknotes

We have shared the designs made from banknotes before. We have introduced a Dinner table burning your wealth and Stools made from money. This time, wewill see thesinging banknotes different from the ones questioning the value ofmoney.

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Although the money face trend swept the internet a few years ago, that doesn’t make this new video from Darwin Deez any less hilarious. Almost every shot was created by aligning Deez’s mouth or other facial features with the subjects of world currencies in real time.

Here are the project details of the “The Mess She Made” song’s video:

You can visit Darwin Deez’s website in order to see the other videos.

Director: Oscar Hudson
Production Company: BAD
Producer: Aaron Z. Willson
D.P.: Ruben Woodin-Dechamps
Director: Oliver Hogan

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