Smell the Difference

With an unusual way of intimacy as in terms of brand name and presentation, Real Shit serves for urban farmers, revolutionaries, and smart people those who are in need of purchasing ‘Real Shit’. A jar of 100% organic manure collected from horses and hens.


With the words of the designer:
This isn’t the usual shit. You will hold 500g of high-class dirt, picked straight from the farm and aged for six months like a fucking old Whisky. This stuff holds enough azoth, phosphor and potash to bring any wretched urban plant back to life. Give it a try and thank me later – or better thank horses and hens, ‘cause they’re doing the whole work themselves.
For more:

AOL_Real_Shit_10 AOL_Real_Shit_01 AOL_Real_Shit_09 AOL_Real_Shit_08 AOL_Real_Shit_07 AOL_Real_Shit_06 AOL_Real_Shit_05 AOL_Real_Shit_04 AOL_Real_Shit_02

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