Star Wars Eyewear

We are already got used to the merchandise of Star Wars in everyday life. Replicas, posters, action figures and stuff with logo’n appearances of the cast or even a model of TomTom with the voice Darth Vader! 


These set of glasses in tribute to the legendary saga are a bit further from rest. They have brand new designs after Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, R2D2 and a Stormtrooper!

A clever idea with 5 different designs full of detail, even with a custom case for each. Hope you all like them as well…

May the sight be with you.

Giris AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Storm_Trooper_04 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Storm_Trooper_03 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Storm_Trooper_02 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Storm_Trooper_01 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_R2D2_04 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_R2D2_03 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_R2D2_02 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_R2D2_01 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Luke_Skywalker_04 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Luke_Skywalker_03 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Luke_Skywalker_02 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Darth_Vader_04 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Darth_Vader_03 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Darth_Vader_02 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Darth_Vader_01 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Boba_Fett_04 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Boba_Fett_03 AOL_Star_Wars_Eyewear_Boba_Fett_02

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