Susanna Cots; New Designer of White

Is there any colour purer, brighter, more spacious than white? White does not scare, does not block… White is far away from trifles and fashion crazes. It is original, classic, natural, bright and pure…



Pure White… The concept vitalizing, shining the Project. A house by the sea blessed with naural light… Owners wanting a house reigned by white…

aol-susanna-cots-pure-white-04 aol-susanna-cots-pure-white-05

Nearly all the furniture is white in the house divided into five areas.  The area including children rooms and a playroom is the only part of the house decorated in colours.

aol-susanna-cots-pure-white-15 aol-susanna-cots-pure-white-07

Besited is decorated in white except for a black carpet that crosses the room and specific decorative objects in silver as a mannequin and a frame over the boudoir.des the daytime area –dining room and living room, the top of the house where the main suite is loca.


The guest area on the ground floor, next to the swimming pool, is paved with the same material as the exterior to integrate both spaces of the house

aol-susanna-cots-pure-white-09 aol-susanna-cots-pure-white-10 aol-susanna-cots-pure-white-11 aol-susanna-cots-pure-white-12 aol-susanna-cots-pure-white-13 aol-susanna-cots-pure-white-14 aol-susanna-cots-pure-white-06


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