The Furniture Designs Having Plants

We are more willing to have organic or nature-friend designs in our living places with the coming spring. The interest for these types of designs have been rising recent years. Everyone wants to grow plants in their gardens, houses and balconies because of the grey tones and the rush of the modern era.

The designers who are aware of this interest by people have designed different objects bringing colour and nature to living places such as furniture having built in space for plants.

Here are these amazing designs:

Volcano Coffee Table


Design: Bellila

Planter Coffee Table

Design: Wesley Dunlop

Design: Wesley Dunlop

Boxcar Bench


Design: Revolution Design House

Planter Table


Design: Emily Wettstein

Romeo & Juliet Bench


Design: Vyvey & Partners



Design: JAILMake Studio

The Living Table


Design: Habitat Horticulture

Green Islands Ottomans


Design: Jean-Marie Massaud

Comfortable Silence Bench


Design: Jory Brigham

Sputnik-5 Table


Design: Plan-S23

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