The Old New York

Currently working at New York Daily News, New York city press photographer Marc A. Hermann’s inspiration is drawn not from fictional characters, but rather from the real people who documented life in New York through the mid-20th century.

As the historian of the New York Press Photographers Association, Marc A. Hermann has decided to unite New York City’s some past and present locations those have real stories of violence and sadness. Besides the fascinating result of his genuine work, he also showed us how can a metropolitan not be changed when it comes to the human factor. Let’s have a look…

A classic case of jealousy. In this stairwell of 992 Southern Blvd. on Sept. 25, 1961, James Linares lay bleeding in the arms of his girlfriend Josephine Dexidor after being shot by her husband.

A massive and fatal fire at the Elkins Paper & Twine Co. on Feb. 16, 1958. Six were killed by the blaze and the building was leveled.
The corner of Classon Ave. and Pacific St. got some serious action on July 28, 1957. Strangely enough, the car was allegedly stolen by a boy released from the Brooklyn House of Detention.
Gangster Salvatore Santoro and his end in the vestibule of 427 1/2 Hicks St. on Jan. 31, 1957.
March 19, 1942, Edna Egbert, who lived at 497 Dean St. in Brooklyn, climbed onto her ledge and fought with the police as she wobbled on the edge.

923 44th St. Gangster Frankie Yale shot to death from a car driving by July 1, 1928 and slammed with his car into the steps of the Brooklyn home.

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