This Is The “Summer House”

This interesting house builded by Khachaturian Architects for a cool summer holiday in warm summer months is beyond a summer house.

The location of the house in Moscow was chosen intentionally: The house is far away from all images distorting the great landscape and all the noise disturbing the residents. The only thing to do here is to enjoy the holiday.


Architects: Khachaturian Architects
Location: Moscow, Russia
Project Architects: Artur Khachaturian, Gianna Hovhannisyan
Area: 136 sqm
Year: 2013
Images © Artur Khachaturian

aol-khachaturian-architects-summer-house-06 aol-khachaturian-architects-summer-house-05 aol-khachaturian-architects-summer-house-03 aol-khachaturian-architects-summer-house-02

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