Time… The Rest of Life…

Nendo designed a new watch for the Italian brand Nava Design called “slice”. The watch designed by slicing a cylindrical piece of metal in order to aim to remind the wearers the rest of life has two variations: ‘numbers’ and ‘gradations’. The variations has two colours: black matte and cream-colored chroma.

aol-nendo-for-nava-design-slice-watch-01aol-nendo-for-nava-design-slice-watch-03 aol-nendo-for-nava-design-slice-watch-04 aol-nendo-for-nava-design-slice-watch-05 aol-nendo-for-nava-design-slice-watch-06 aol-nendo-for-nava-design-slice-watch-07 aol-nendo-for-nava-design-slice-watch-08

Photos © Hiroshi Iwasaki



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