Two European Women in Hong Kong

Boris Design Studio  was founded in 2009 by Katarina Ivarsson and Anna Karlsson. They are both born and raised in Sweden, but they have spent quite a few years out here in Asia now. They are just under 30 who are running a product design studio. Today they have full-time staff of three and a bunch of long-term design consultants connected to us. This gives them a great flexibility and allow us to take on both small and big projects!

What motivates Boris Design Team?

We really like to solve problems and investigate how things really work. You can say that we are very hands on when we do or research about our design.–We build rough paper models, usually in full scale to try things out and we like to hang out with the sample makers at the factories in China to solve design issues.

Why is the studio working in Hong Kong?

This is where it happens! Being based in Hong Kong with the factories next door in China really provides us with a great advantage. Instead of trying to explain by e-mail and over the phone to the sample maker or manufacture how to fine tune a design we can just go there over the day and make it happen. If saves both time and grey hairs.

In Boris, you do design research, trend catching, interaction and product design… How is the process in your projects?

Yes, we do a lot- as we work with everything from Product Design, Design Research, Trend Studies to Interaction Design. Some people wonder what we specialise in and almost expect us to specialise in something but all these different kind of projects all help us to keep track of what is happening around the world and that also fuels our inspiration for the creation of our own collection.
For some clients we provide a complete design service process from design research to product design as well as production implementation, whereas for others we just help out with steps along the process to make a finished project.

What about Boris Collections?

We wish to present designs with a bit of a twist, with a bit of humor and irony- not only does this make the development process much more playful but we also believe that it will make you feel that it is a special product that you hold in your hand!

Our line of Apple accessories is currently selling in Hong Kong and European and the first pieces in our Enlightenment Series that we launched at SaloneSatellite is just getting ready for production and will be on sale later this summer.

How is your trend spotting service? What do you offer to the customer with this service?

The trend reports that we make are tailored made to provide our clients with the right kind of information for their specific product development needs. It is a very targeted approach that allows our clients to understand the origin of a trend and at the same time visualise the direct possibility to apply it on their own product range. We really go into detail. It becomes a very good tool for not only product development but also as marketing and communication tool as it provides a tool to trace the colour and material use.

What about Boris Publications…

As we work together with some of the major interaction design research institute in Europe like with Mobile Life we have been involved in quite a few research projects that have been published. You can find them through webpage under Boris Publications. Our trends reports are mainly made to specially to our clients, but we also made more general trends reports that we sell separately.

What is next?

We always have new projects on the go! Except getting the Enlightenment Series ready, we are working on a special lamp shade collection and some baby products for the US market. As for exhibitions we are planning to go to Russia to exhibit next.

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