Which Came First The Nature Or The City?

Here is such a place that it provokes curiosity, surprises and instructs. Whether you are interested in or not, it has enough attraction to force you to visit: Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor Center by Weiss/Manfred.


The design of the center is conceived as a seamless extension of the landscape. The threedimensional garden path frames a series of views of the garden.

Sited at Washington Avenue, The Center brings the garden and city together.

aol-weiss-manfredi-brooklyn-botanic-garden-visitor-center-03 aol-weiss-manfredi-brooklyn-botanic-garden-visitor-center-04 aol-weiss-manfredi-brooklyn-botanic-garden-visitor-center-05 aol-weiss-manfredi-brooklyn-botanic-garden-visitor-center-06 aol-weiss-manfredi-brooklyn-botanic-garden-visitor-center-07


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