Within Stars

Not only a source of light pollution, city lights are also stealing our very birthright to see the stars… Here are some state of art examples of nightsky beauty by some gifted photographers from all around the world!

Cathedral Lakes in the high Sierra of Yosemite. Captured by Johannes Burkhard.

Captured in Oregon,USA and titled “Our Place in the Cosmos”  this nighttime desert has a very unique guest named Alex Noriega.
Captured by photographer Viktor Lyagushkin, Russia’s Blue Lake has its own beauty with a wonderful double landscape.
Captured by a dreamer, Daniel Cheong, the cityscape of Dubai is sleeping under the skies of Reunion Island
Signed by Lincoln Harrison, this fine example of zoom effect shows us a real profession captured in South Wales.
A stunning photograph of Florence, Italy. By Michael Woloszynowicz.
A well-known nighttime photographer Aaron J. Groen named this old fashioned church of South Dakota as “Milky Way Church”
Harry Finder has entitled his marvelous work in Geneva  as “Silhouettes”.
Thomas Zimmer has captured this beauty at the island Sylt, North Sea.
Cappadocia, has captured by photographer Anuparb Papapan.

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