YOLKR by Hamish Dobbie

As a traditional method of transferring the yolk between cracked egg shells, we all had those bad times with a mess, more broken shells and yolks everywhere! But for a while, Hamish Dobbie and his team have a better idea. Take a look!

They’ve come up with an innovative and stylish way of separating egg yolks from whites. A good looking utensil perfect for any kitchen and most importantly, it is super hygienic! Comes in with a selection of different colors, the Yolkr is quick, clean and so easy to use.
You can take more info and order this user friendly device from their official website:

AOL_Yolkr_04 AOL_Yolkr_03 AOL_Yolkr_02 AOL_Yolkr_01

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