Zoku Amsterdam Presents Suites Making Yourself Home

Today we are opening the doors of a hotel which presents very comfortable rooms. Zoku Amsterdam designed by Dutch Studio Concrete consists of 133 rooms. These suites can be rented for between one night and several months, so the design needed to be flexible. That is why everything is very comfortable.


With an aim to create spaces that operated more like homes than hotel rooms, the designers planned the rooms as a series of micro-apartments that could give occupants enough space to entertain guests. Every detail is perfectly thought to create such a comfortable place. The kitchenette is designed to let the guests cook as they like, The bedroom is on a mezzanine level, accessed via a set of retractable stairs that recede into a cabinet when not in use. The most surprising thing in the house is the gymnast’s rings hang from the ceiling.


Project Details:
Design: Concrete
Project Team: Rob Wagemans, Ulrike Lehner, Ayca Dogan, Maarten de Geus, Bart de Beer, Murk Wymenga, Sofie Ruytenberg, Femke Zumbrink, Jolijn Vonk, Cathelijne Vreugdenhil, Matthijs Hombergen, Jeroen Vester
Architect: Mulder Blauw
Client : Zoku and Beyond, HotelsAhead – Hans Meyer, Marc Jongerius

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