002 Plumen Bond

Plumen designed PLumen 002 because the inappropriacy of Plumen 001 even if it has a large amount of usage. In contrast to Plumen 001, Plumen 002 has a clear geometry and it creates a dimmer light for ambient, wind-down rooms and spaces so it is suitable for such places.

Plumen 002 is not also energy-saving (it uses 75% less energy than a traditional light bulb) but it also requirer replacing far less often.

Let’s look at the product features which brings a differet perspective to lighting:

  • It is a 7W bulb giving off an equivalent to a 30W incandescent – so it uses 75% less energy than a traditional light bulb. 
  • You can power more than four Plumen 002 bulbs with the energy used to power one Edison style bulb. 
  • It brings a warm and nice atmosphere to your spaces with its elegant design and its light.



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