1 Round-Luck Ticket, Please

Ploshchad Revolyutsii, Revolution Square Metro Station is maybe one of the most famous stations of the legendary Moscow Metro.

Opened in 1938, it is located on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line. The architect was a Soviet one for sure. Best known for his 1930s designs of various stations of Moscow Metro: Alexey Dushkin. Featured with red and yellow marble arches, the station is partially filled by decorative ventilation grilles, ceiling tracery. Every pair of bronze sculptures on each arch are made by Matvey Manizer. Those bronze sculptures depicting the people of the Soviet Union, including soldiers, farmers, athletes, writers, aviators, industrial workers, and schoolchildren. There are a total of 76 sculptures in the station…which are quite strange, because of the superstitious uses of the society.  

AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_01

Some sons and daughters of Mother Russian believe that rubbing some parts of these statues will bring them good luck! Here are 12+1 pictures of their favorite spots at Revolution Square Station.

Good luck!

AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_02 AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_03 AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_04 AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_05 AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_06 AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_07 AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_09 AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_10 AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_11 AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_12 AOL_Revolution_Square Metro_Station_13

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