10 Great Cities For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days in the year. It is a day which couples feel special, in which there is romance around the world.

As Architecture of Life, we searched the places that are nice to go for Valentine’s Day and we chose 10 cities. There are lots of firms making preparations for this occasion. You can go on a holiday this year for three days , you can enjoy your holiday and return with good memories. Here are the cities that we chose:

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Here is a place that the sea and the forest embrace. Romance blows during day and night…

Image: National Geographic

Istanbul, Turkey

A huge city full of history and natural beauty. You can walk around and shop during the day, you can pass romantic times across the great landscape.

Image: İstanbul Gezentisi

Paris, France

Are there any places more beautiful than Paris to fall in love?

Fotoğraf: bhmpics
Image: bhmpics

Santorini, Greece

The God created this island for couples… A nice place for couples, for Valentine’s Day.

Fotoğraf: YNG
Image: YNG

Vienna, Austria

Attraction… Colour… Light… Love… Passion…

Fotoğraf: insight guides
Image: insight guides

Prague, Czech Republic

A place full of red. You will be sated with red in the day, with love at night…

Fotoğraf: IISES
Image: IISES

Sintra, Portugal

If you fond of nature and history, Sintra is the best place for you.

Fotoğraf: decolar
Image: decolar

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Lake Lucerne has an incredible landscape. You cannot believe that it is real, you will feel as if in a dream.

Fotoğraf: My Switzerland Travel
Image: My Switzerland Travel

Budapest, Hungary

Do not forget to bring your camera while going to Budapest…

Fotoğraf: Travel
Image: Travel

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Your darling will be surprised when you say where you will go, he/she will be more surprised when you go there…

Fotoğraf: Travellerspoint
Image: Travellerspoint
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