10 Special Plates To Be Loved By Those Caring The Presentation As Food

For some people, eating is more than a living need. There are numerous people who believe that they have to feel the taste as a delicious bomb on their tongues and they deserve a table decorated in an elegant way… Imagine that you sit on a chair and there are incredibly delicious dishes on incredibly designed plates, listen to a nice music, enlightened by a soft lamb… No! This is not an anniversary! If each day is special to you, you are never satisfied with ordinary food on ordinary tables in an ordinary place.

Here are the best 10 plates that we chose for the people believing that eating is an art.

1- Shish Service Plate


Shish Service Plate is a perfect plate for presenting the delicious meals that you prepare for your guest and yourself. It is available at Pomstore.

2- K-Wine; Fingerfood Wine Plate


K-Wine designed by Matteo Bertanelli & Michele Di Monte is a perfect design for the meals in harmony with wine.


3- Benta Plates


HAve you ever fought with the peas on your plate? Forget it! Benta Plates are easy to hold and eat your meals in an enjoyable way with its curved shape.



Design: Angela Schwab

4-Seletti Hybrid


The harmony between east and West… Two different cultures, two different design approaches and two different patterns… Historical Chinese and European porcelains are on a single design; here is Hybrid Collection by Seletti.



Hybrid Collection designed by CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio for the famous  Italian design brand SELETTI contains salad and soup bowls, teapots, cake stands, mugs and cups besides


In order to bring a wide range design perspective to your tables, you can click here and meet  Seletti Hybrid closer.

5- Revol Bazalt Collection


Bazalt Collection of the French brand Revol which is well known for its 225 years of experience in kitchen utensils combines the aesthetic of loose stone with the advantages of porcelain. Revol is the only brand producing black porcelain. Aesthetic of stone, hygene of porcelain.



Bazalt collection is safer than the natural loose stone; it cannot be scratched, does not absorbe oil and it does not contain bacteria. Evet if the service plates of this collection is scratched by knife and fork, it reverts when it is cleaned with a piece of cloth or washed in the dishwasher.


In order to have this special collection; ; Revol | Pomstore

6- Seletti Multidish


Multiplying, repeating, never-ending ephemeral landscapes and architectures, like windows opened into a world of poetry, a new oniric reality impressed on porcelain.



Designer Maxime Ansiau who is living in Netherlands decorated the plates with traditional Dutch patterns like traditional Dutch houses, windmills and even interesting scyscrapers. Mystical blue and white…


You can click here  in order to see the product details, sizes and to buy in a safe way via Pomstore.

7- Silicone Leaf Plates


Silicone Leaf Plates from designer Nao Tamura combine the exotic presentation of serving meals and appetizers on giant banana leaves with the durability, flexibility and reusability of modern silicone.

These realistic leaf-shaped serving dishes come in a set of four, with each leaf having a slightly different shape and green hue, and are made from food-safe nonstick silicone that is dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe up to 425° F.



Design: Nao Tamura

8- Chat Plates


The best and the longest chats happen during a nice meal, don’t they? Chat Plates creates the most suitable atmospere for long chats with their speech bubble shapes.


Design: Ikuko Nakazawa

9-iittala Taika Collection



‘Magic’ in Finnish, Taika lets you choose from a variety of bold and enchanting pieces. Haapaniemi’s illustrations inspire your own imagination and storytelling. These fascinating designs gradually reveal their details and layers of meaning to the viewer. The magical pattern created by Klaus Haapaniemi has been combined with the shape of Aika-series designed by Heikki Orvola.



In the beginning of 2014 Taika has expanded to home interior with new textiles – the Taika owl has landed on the merino wool cushion covers and a throw in a more laid-back fashion than in the crockery.


You can visit Pomstore for the perfect Taika plates and the other complementary products of the collection.

10- Purpose Plates


Here are some really creative and awesome plate designs with a twist created by Andrea Rekalidis. In a world of fast food and quick meals, it’s easy to lose sight of the age-old tradition of family time over dinner. Purpose Plates are a clever reminder of this valuable experience and aim to bring us back together by introducing a playful game written directly on the dishes.


Design: Andrea Rekalidis

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