100 Çağdaş Japon Tasarımı

This is a travelling exhibition organized by the Japanese Foundation in order to expand the awareness on Japanese design culture. There are 13 pieces of contemporary design objects dating from after-war era that are the source of modern design and 100 every-day products dated from 1990′s onwards. The aim of the exhibition was to emphasize that with the globalization in technology and culture, today’s design does not have as many cultural elements as it did before.

Some design features have continued to last up to today whereas some stayed as nostalgic memories.

Mazda K360 is a car designed in 1959, the era of financial hard times after war…

Now, let’s take a look at how far Contemporary Japanese Design has come. It took Tokyo some time to pull itself back together after a devastating earthquake in 1920′s and the US bombings of 1940′s.

The city experienced a period of improvement between the years 1955-73 and began to move away from its traditional ways falling under the influence of Western style in architecture, fashion and art.

Japanese design of the after-war era were all pretty much influenced by American design and culture. In the years of 1980′s, Tokyo became a creative center.

New designers were quite successful in taking whatever they needed from the West, filtering and reinterpreting it meanwhile maintaining some distance between themselves and the rest of the world.

Now the world follows the contemporary Japanese designers, fashion designers and architects who reshape the traditional Japanese culture in a new and ironic way. Hope we can do the same…

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