13th Istanbul Biennial; Annika Eriksson & Goldin+Senneby

NON is delighted to announce that Annika Eriksson and Goldin+Senneby are at the Istanbul Biennial. The 13th Istanbul Biennial, “Mom, am I barbarian?”, which borrows its title from poet Lale Müdür’s book, will focus on the theme of public space as a political forum. The biennial exhibitions will aspire to open up a space to rethink the concept of ‘publicness’ through art and elicit imagination and innovative thought to contribute to social engagement and discussion. Annika Eriksson Annika Eriksson’s video “I am the dog that was always here (loop)”, will be on show at the Galata Greek Primary School. This video is set in the outskirts of Istanbul, and focuses on moments of transition and marginalised experiences of time, seen through the lens of a street dog. Having been moved by the authorities to peripheral pockets and no man’s lands outside the expanding city, the dogs are continuously moving along lines of gentrification and corporate city making. Through looping and repetition, the video relates this process to an experience of time: exploring the present as a complex gap between past and future, one in which an increasing process of erasure, spurred on by a shrinking public realm, also removes other registers of being and seeing.

Galata Greek Primary School Kemeraltı Cad. No: 49 34425 Karaköy Beyoğlu Goldin+Senneby

with Jo Randerson (playwright), Ismail Ertürk (cultural economist), Ybodon (computer scientist), Anna Heymowska (set designer), Johan Hjerpe (graphic designer), and Ayse Draz/Gülce Oral (actor)
​”Their project for the 13th Istanbul Biennial Shorting the Long Position (2013) is part of The Nordenskiöld Model, an ongoing experiment in theatrical finance. It takes its name from the Finnish mineralogist August Nordenskiöld, and carries a Swedish king’s 18th century dream of alchemy into the contemporary moment. The dream of the scientist, who was supported by the King to guarantee financial superiority over Russia, was to give everyone access to gold, putting an end to the power of money. Goldin+Senneby, working together with actors, computer experts, playwrights, economists, and financial experts, seek an algorithmic financial reality that functions through the collectively produced play and partakes in a real economy. The biennial exhibition will feature an actor rehearsing a scene written by the playwright Jo Randerson. Meanwhile the production budget will go into a financial trading strategy developed by cultural economist Ismail Ertürk. From the opening day onwards, the financial performance of the trading will determine the duration of the actor’s contract. The performance will last as long as the money suffices. The project’s traces, meanwhile, will extend as far into the stock market as smartphones do.”

-Adnan Yildiz Antrepo no.3 Meclis-i Mebusan Caddesi Liman Işletmeleri Sahası 34433 Tophane

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