2V House by Diez& Muller Arquitectos

The 2V House in Tumbaco, Ecuador by Diez + Muller Arquitectos is one of the best examples for the modern architecture with it’s open plan design, ribbon windows, pilotis, free facade and the usage materials such as stone, woods and glass in a harmony with the environment.

It has huge open spaces for a family to live in and a wide semi-inner court, too.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are attached to the open living space through a long corridor.

The second floor above the dining area is designed as a resting room, while one is enjoying with calming view of the green land.

The textures in part of the ceilings are a complementary to the floors.

Black, white and yellow are used as the dominant colors in design, collectively with different tones of grey.

In some parts of the ceilings, natural colors and textures of stones, wood and plaster is preferred to enhance the feeling of a warmness and an organic, living area.

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