365 Sledges, 1 Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree made from 365 wooden sledges. Meaningful, beautiful and for a nice purpose.

The Christmas tree made from sledges set on a 11 metres-tall mechanism designed by Hello Wood is located in front of the Palace Of Arts in Budapest. Two weeks after Christmas the tree will be disassembled and the sledges distributed to orphaned and abandoned children around the world.

Visitors are able to step inside the installation and look up at the fractal form of a snowflake.

The tree which is illuminated by spotlights having different colours onto its surface should be visited.

aol-hello-wood-christmas-tree-made-from-365-trees-07 aol-hello-wood-christmas-tree-made-from-365-trees-06 aol-hello-wood-christmas-tree-made-from-365-trees-05 aol-hello-wood-christmas-tree-made-from-365-trees-04 aol-hello-wood-christmas-tree-made-from-365-trees-03 aol-hello-wood-christmas-tree-made-from-365-trees-01
Images; Daniel Dömölky

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