5 Black & White Bathroom Designs For Contrast Lovers

Even if there are different design approaches and colour preferences in our living places, sometimes we need changes. A whole renovation project may seem frightening but being brave is good. Who does not like a little bit change?

Contrast is the harmony of two different colours in decoration or design. This togetherness is not disturbing if the right colours are chosen. It is possible to see contrast in nature; like the red roses among green leaves… But there is a very important point to be paid attention; because applying contast into all the places in our homes will be a little bit disturbing, but using it in one of the rooms will be enjoyable and different.

We have chosen 5 black and white bathrooms for you as Architecture Of Life team among the hunderds of designs. Maybe they will be recreated with small objects in lively colours such as red, yellow or blue.



A bathroom in a hotel in China by Team BLDG

AR Design Studio


A bathroom designed by AR Design Studio in a house in England.

Widawscy Studio Architektury


A bathroom in a house in Poland by WidawscyStudioArchitektury

Rice Architecture


Rice Design; a bathroom in a house in Australia.

Lagula Arquitectes


A bathroom designed by Lagula Arquitectes in a villa in Spain.

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