5 Modern Staircase Design

The Architecture of Life team that searches the newest and most modern designs for your appreciation regularly prepared this article containing one of the most important part of the multi-store

Here are the most functional and modern stair designs that we have selected:

Ribbon Stairs

Ribbon Stairs designed by HŠH Architects … They seem elegant but we highly recommend you to use carefully when you are in hurry…


(Images: HSH Architects )

Bookshelf Staircase

For those who wants everything to be functional…


(Image: Corkellis House )

Stairs in Flat F.M. by École

The steel stairs are floating…


(Image: Ecole )

Trippy Stairs

An interesting stair design, isn’t it?



(Image: Delete Photography)

Spiral Wood Stairs

Another interesting and luxurious design. These stairs reflect the luxury of the residence in Kuala Lumpur.


(Image: Roland Halbe )

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