5U Shades of B

As we all know by now, a USB flash drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. They are typically removable and rewritable, and physically much smaller than several of their kin. Mostly weigh less than 30 grams; they are so open to integrate to any design that is possible. Here we present quite a collection of unique and some funny USB stick designs… Enjoy!

AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_50 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_49 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_48 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_47 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_46 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_45 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_44 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_43 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_42 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_41 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_40 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_39 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_38 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_37 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_36 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_35 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_34 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_33 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_32 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_31 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_30 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_29 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_28 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_27 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_26 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_25 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_24 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_23 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_22 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_21 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_20 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_19 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_18 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_17 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_16 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_15 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_14 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_13 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_12 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_11 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_10 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_09 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_08 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_07 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_06 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_05 AOL_5U_Shades_of_B_04


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