7 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the interesting picture of West culture having made room for itself in the East… This city-state was a British colony from the end of 19th century to 1997. Although it was occupied by Japan for a short time in WW2, the British resumed control until 1997. And today, Hong Kong is one of the richest free trade zones in the world and has a high degree of autonomy as a special administrative region in all areas except defence and foreign affairs.

What we call as Hong Kong consists of Kawloon, Victoria, Hong Kong Island and Aberdeen regions. The four regions are connected to each other with tunnels. There are three tunnels under the sea and ten tunnels/bridges through the mountains. I have 7 suggestions for this city which provides unlimited experiences with its skyscrapers, mysterious temples, preserved nature, colorful parks and makes you feel in the center of the world even though it is very”far”. Do not leave Hong Kong without trying these!

Climb the Victoria Peak

To have a general view of the city and enjoy the unique landscape, you should climb the 552-meter high Victoria Peak. You can watch Kawloon with its eye-catching skyscrapers, Victoria Harbour and green areas of the city on the top of The Peak in Hong Kong Island. Victoria Peak is one of the most favorite touristic destinations in Hong Kong and also called as”The Peak” as I used in the previous sentence. You can use the cable car to the top of The Peak.


Reach Buddha after 268 stairs

In Lantau Island, you can see the longest outdoor statue of Buddha. You can take a close look at the bronze statue after 268 stairs. To me, it is more impressive when looked from a distance… Plus, Man Mo in Sheung Wan worths seeing, because it’s the oldest temple of the city.


Go back to your childhood in Hong Kond Disneyland

Disneyland itself is an enticing playground! And the Disneyland in Hongkong lets you lose the track of time with its four thematic areas, Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland.


Get lost among the skyscrapers

In Hong Kong, as one of the most important finance centers, there was no flat land to construct buildings on; high mountains began to rise just at the shore. Flat areas needed for urbanization was created by filling the sea. Among the most notable skyscrapers are; 346-meter high Sheung Wan, 179-meter high Hong Kong& Shanghai Bank (HSBC) which was regarded as quite high at its day, 367-meter high Bank of China, 415-meter high Two International Finance Centre (2 IFC) which is the tallest in Hong Kong. Watch the light shows performed on skyscrapers at night…


Take a photo with Bruce Lee

We can consider the Avenue of Stars in Kawloon as the projection of East Hollywood. Here, you will find the cinema history of Hong Kong and the statue of Kung-Fu legend Bruce Lee.


Explore the parks

There is a considerable number of green areas and parks in Hong Kong which gives the impression of being dominated by skyscrapers. In fact, Ocean Park in Aberdeen is among the most famous in the whole Asia. I suggest you to spend some time alone together with the splendid view of South China Sea. Plus, do not forget to go to Victoria Park.


Enjoy the nights and taste the cuisine

Nightclubs and karaoke bars in Hong Kong give the tips of a dynamic nightlife at the first glance. Entertainment venues are mostly gathered in the east, mostly in Lan Kwai Fong. Seafoods play the lead in Hong Kong cuisine, reminding you that you are on an island. There are more than 9.000 restaurants in the city in various concepts. You should give a try to Asia cuisine and Chinese, British and Hong Kong teas.


Hong Kong… The interesting picture of West culture having made a room for itself in the East… The most distant center of the world… I hope one day you will have the opportunity to see this paced city.


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