8 Decorative and functional self watering planters to have

No more dry plants! Check out this 8 decoratively designed and highly functional smart planters:

1. Ikea‘Jubel’ Self-Watering Plant Pot


Designed by Eva Sjödin, the glass and tinted lacquer‘Jubel Self-Watering Plant Pot’ has a nifty color feature that allows you to choose from three.

The color is displayed through the hole you add water in, and can be changed from green to yellow to red, just by turning the internal pot so that the color you want shows up, which gives you an increased decor flexibility. Water is sucked up through the%100 cotton thread.

2. ‘Grobal’ Self-Watering Planter


This high gloss, minimalistic and a sculpture-like planter pot is designed by Karim Rashid.

The pot comes with plant food and growing medium which is placed in the top chamber. Peek through a discrete side window to check out the water supply, housed in the reservoir below. Press the circle on the side, and voilà, a chamber pops open for you to add more water.

The manufacturer says Grobal works well for mint, chives, lavender, cacti or bamboo, orchids and violets. Available in two sizes.

3. ‘Eva Solo’ Orchid Pot


Available in simple round forms of black or white glazed faience, the‘Eva Solo Orchid Pot’ has a nylon wick at the base, which allows your orchids to sip just as much as they need without swamping them: Simply pour the water through the hole in the side. Probably it will work well with many other plants, too.

4. ‘Eva Solo’ Self-Watering Herb Pots


The vase reservoir can hold enough water for the plant to only need watering once a week, and possibly less frequently, depending on the circumstances.

5. ‘Misco Flare’ Self Watering Planter


The Misco Flare doesn’t need watering for up to two weeks, according to the manufacturer, since it draws water (poured in through the quick-view lip that also shows water level) to the roots from the large built-in reservoir.

6. ‘Brookstone’ Self-Watering Planter


Brookstone self-watering planter is available in 8 colors.
The water reservoir, separated from soil by the specially formulated granular material which also provides nutrition for plants, is connected to a unique funnel system.

7. Self-Watering‘Wicker-Look Planter’


This wicker-like looking planter – but is actually weather-and UV-resistant woven plastic resin – can make your plants”entirely self-sufficient for 1to12 weeks, depending on the size of your planter and plant,” according to the company, with the included separator piece that creates a reservoire of water at the base of the plant.

Perks include a removable liner and integrated handle for easy lifting out for watering, transport, or root trimming.

The supply shaft includes a water level indicator.

8. Tiered Self-Watering Planter


Designed and manufactured in Italy, the planter takes 10 small plants and has wheels, which mean you can roll it from inside to out or change it’s location. Water infiltrates via a wick system hidden in the bottom of each pot.

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