A Brief History of Umbrellas

Umbrellas, first used in Mesopotamia in order to have protection against sunlight, have been with us when it is rainy or sunny by changing during those centuries.

BC 1200s, Umbrellas became much more valuable after they were used in Egypt because they were regarded as “protective from bad souls”. After the umbrellas’ adventures in Egypt, they started to be used in Rome. In antique Greek culture, in Chinese culture, in European cultures, umbrellas were used to be protected from sun or rain. Umbrellas were produced in mass production in 1830 in London by James Smith and Sons company first. From Mary Pooins to the Mikado, how can be the umbrellas developed? Umbrellas have been used for protection, an deven used in artistic events such as theatres, musicals and dance shows as artistic icons. Can they be developed more?


In this article, we are trying to see the umbrellas produced by high technology.Was it always be the same? We always forget them at the places that we stop such as shopping malls, cafes etc. The people poke them into our eyes on crowded streets. They always overturn on windy days…

Here are the technologically designed and ergonomically produced umbrellas:

Drop-Ayça Dündar

Drop, designed by Ayça Dündar graduated from Royal College of Art is a pop-up canopy version made from just six parts. She says it is easy to repair, meaning that when a single component breaks the whole thing does not necessarily have to be replaced.


We highly recommend you to watch the video of the “Drop” below.

Drop umbrella by Ayca Dundar is made of just six parts from Dezeen on Vimeo.

Senz°-Gerwin Hoogendoorn


Umbrellas are the best products saving our hair nice, our make-up fresh, our suits ironed and our bags dry; they protect us from being soaked and sick. We want them to be of high quality, resistant and elegant. One more thing: They shouldn’t turn inside out.


Senz° umbrellas are the products that are tested many times. The quality of the Senz° umbrellas can be seen at first look and they can provide more than an ordinary umbrella can. They are so smart and functional. These umbrellas which withstand winds up to 100 km/h do not turn insideout and thanks to their aerodynamic design, do not block your view. If you have a Senz°, you do not hit other pedestrians. Enjoy the weather every time, even it is stormy!


At least one of the Senz° umbrellas which have different colours and sizes is suitable for you. You can reach the Senz° umbrellas by clicking here.

Please watch the videos in order to see how durable Senz° umbrellas against storms!

Sa™- Justin Nagelberg & Matthew Waldman

aol-umbrellas-Sa-Justin Nagelberg-Matthew Waldman

The Sa™ by Justin Nagelberg & Matthew Waldman is the umbrella reimagined. It does away with the traditional skeleton and mesh umbrella structure, for a much more modern and efficient design. Beyond it’s completely new canopy design, the Sa™ also innovates with its environmentally conscious material choices, has a completely innovative internalized handle mechanism and magnetic closure system, and features many other groundbreaking new features.

aol-umbrellas-Sa-Justin Nagelberg-Matthew Waldman-01

Let’s listen to the designers in order to meet the Sa™ umbrellas.

Rainshader- Stephen Collier

From the designer:

Welcome to Rainshader Windproof Umbrellas. We make Sports and windproof Street Umbrellas for viewing Motor Racing, Formula 1 Motor Sport, Motorsports, Moto GP, F1, Tennis, Biker, Golf, Football, Polo, Equestrian Events, Wedding, Sport, Concerts and UK Festivals.

Our Umbrella Company is based in the UK and ships around the Globe. The Rainshader Windproof Dome Style Sports Umbrella, is made in six colours, White, Black, Red, Navy Blue, Green and Yellow. The Rainshader Wind Proof Umbrella is ideal for Rain, Sun, and Wind Protection.The Rainshader umbrella is designed in the UK and is protected by Chinese and International Design Patents.

aol-umbrellas-rainshader-stephen-collier aol-umbrellas-rainshader-stephen-collier-01 aol-umbrellas-rainshader-stephen-collier-02

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