A Camouflaged Secret Paradise: “HEBİL 157, Bodrum”

Deconstructionist architecture, which was initially used in Turkey at the beginning of 2000 by combining the concepts of slow urbanization, green construction and futuristic architecture, can be observed mainly on residential projects.
The most current example of this style which is used by Turkey’s star-architects can be observed at Bodrum– Hebil 157, which went on sale a few weeks ago.

Hebil 157 is an A-Plus Residential Project built in Hebilköy, near Göltürkbükü, one of Bodrum’s favored destinations. The project, which was brought to life by Aytaç Architecture office, under the leadership of architect Alper Aytaç, and comprises of 5 villas, each with a size of 1058 m², built on a land of 5 acres. With their extraordinary deconstructionist design, the villas mix perfectly with the natural coat of the land they’re built on, and give the viewer an impression of them being a part of the natural surrounding and camouflage the secret paradise. Considering that this situation establishes a privacy filter, residents can freely enjoy the freedom both indoors and outdoors that are designed with all kinds of luxury in mind.

With their glass-adorning outer surfaces, the villas offer a natural view of the magnificent scenery of the Hebil Cove. On the cove, there’s also a floating dock, which can be reachedin 2 minutes with a golf cart, and a 48 m² pool built with Murano Glass and Scic brand ceramics.

Each of the five villas expand over individual lands of 1058 m² each and have 6 rooms (4+2), 6 bathrooms and WCs, a 48 m² outdoor pool, a 4-car outdoor car park, a floating dock, a golf cart and a front yard that would allow the residents to have a joyful life. The sales of the Hebil 157 residential units, which will bring a different lifestyle to Bodrum, are carried out by world famous real estate agency Sotheby’s International Realty’s Turkey branch.

Features of the Villa:
Rooms: 4+2
Bathroom + WC: 6
Private Swimming Pool (Outdoor)
Garage: 4 cars (Outdoor)

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