A Different Approach To Human Anatomy by Konstantin Kofka

Designer Konstantin Kofka prepares collections including the parts of human anatomy such as skin, bones, hands and feet. The collections created by the wearable accessories ‘hug’, ‘born’ and ‘roots’ arestriking, realistic and imaginative at the same time.


When you are overfilled with information, emotions and words so you might need quietness, clarity of thoughts and space for fitting it all in your further ambient perception. You are able to feel deeply this veritable perception just with poring over the core, the origins of the story, going back to the roots, to one’s eternal sense.

Is about revealing the answers without even thinking, just contemplating around with a great silence…To feel the truth and verity of origin indeed. Verity is the information which lies inside you from the beginning and always stays there. It is exactly what brings you back to the life.





Imagine water as the solemn foundation of our existence in our world ever so in turmoil. Touched by perennial elements, our water dries up and consequently deforms and destroys the ground, leaving behind patches of eradicated and polyhedral soil. Yet, with the death of one surface, others are born, allowing water to give meaning and energy to our continuous lifecycle.





From birth, We try to stand up and take our first steps. We yearn to touch and be touched and to feel sensations for the first time. We can perceive objects with an unclogged consciousness. Pure perception without comparison . We know nothing other than that which we can see and feel…

Spirit does not have form, but some forms can have spirit, vibration does not have a color but color can have vibration, mood does not have a texture, but textures can have a mood. In this collection we focus for the first time more on feelings than just on physical forms And we have created forms, colors and textures according to these sensations…







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