A Giant Erupting From The Earth!

The temporary sculpture by Hungarian artist Loránth Hervé is a gigantic man crawling out from the earth.


The sculpture was installed in Budapest’s Széchenyi Square and it was really remarkable. It was exhibited at Art Market Budapest 2014 at the same time. The sculpture is interesting, surprising and dramatic to some extent according to us. In order to see the other works of the artist, please visit the web site. We think that his paintings such as Newpop, Beautiful Dreams; his sculptures such as Corpus Humanicus, Practice will interest and suprise you.

aol-popped-up-loranth-herve-02 aol-popped-up-loranth-herve-03 aol-popped-up-loranth-herve-04 aol-popped-up-loranth-herve-07 aol-popped-up-loranth-herve-06

Source: My Modern Met

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