A House Full Of Passion by Penda: House O

Here is one of the greatest wood designs that are our favourites: “House O” by Penda. The project describes a small garden-house for a famous chinese wood-artist in Beijing. The doughnut-like form was inspired by a cross section of a treetrunk and translates the daily routine of the artist into a functional program of the house.

aol-house-o-by-penda (1)

Located within its center is a courtyard space that links the levels of the house with an oculus shines down upon a spiraling staircase.

aol-house-o-by-penda (3)

Around this focal point, in order to keep the form within a minimized footprint, the decision to manipulate the verticality of the structure allowed us to decipher where public and private programs should be located in relation to the amount of sunlight they should receive. The transfer of fluorescence is achieved through a slight gestural lift towards the south, creating an undulating surface that is visible in elevation. The act simultaneously creates a wave of glazing for the submerged kitchen and hierarchically places the master bedroom at the top of the second floor. here, the client is able to relax as privacy is created through a rhythmic use of wooden louvers that obstruct views into his personal space.

aol-house-o-by-penda (4) aol-house-o-by-penda (5)

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